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Comparison of Nasal Functional Outcomes, Sleep Quality, and Anxiety Parameters Following Septoplasty in Patients with Different Septum Deviation Types


Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Kırıkkale Yüksek İhtisas Hospital, Kırıkkale, Turkey


Özel Bilgi Hospital, Ankara, Turkey


Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Private Practice, Ankara, Turkey


Department of Psychiatry, Mersin University Faculty of Medicine, Mersin, Turkey


Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Ankara Training and Research Hospital, Ankara, Turkey

Eur J Rhinol Allergy 2023; 6: 9-13
DOI: 10.5152/ejra.2023.22079
Read: 729 Downloads: 400 Published: 01 April 2023

Objective: This study aimed to compare the effect of septoplasty on nasal functional outcomes, sleep quality, and anxiety scores in patients with different types of septal deviation.

Methods: A total of 90 patients (27 females and 63 males) were included in the study. The patients were divided into 3 groups of 30 each as anterior (group 1), posterior (group 2), or anteroposterior (group 3) deviations according to the type of septum deviation. Beck Anxiety Inventory, Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale, Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index, and Nasal Obstruction Symptom Assessment questionnaires were administered to all groups and completed at preoperative and 6 months postoperative time points.

Results: Septoplasty significantly reduced the Beck Anxiety Inventory, Hospital Anxiety Scale, and Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index scores in all groups but did not affect the Hospital Depression Scale score. Group 2 had the highest preoperative and postoperative Beck Anxiety Inventory scores. Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index scores of groups 1 and 2 decreased after septoplasty.

Conclusion: The septoplasty procedure improved nasal functional outcomes, sleep quality, and anxiety parameters. Sleep quality and anxiety levels may be affected differently in different types of septum deviations.

Cite this article as: Kandemir S, Pamuk AE, Özel G, Buturak ŞV, Kılıç R. Comparison of nasal functional outcomes, sleep quality, and anxiety parameters following septoplasty in patients with different septum deviation types. Eur J Rhinol Allergy. 2023;6(1):9-13.

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